Make Peace with your past

In just two hours I will teach you how your mind works, how you can get back in control and you will see measurable results in the way you feel about the problem you presented.

Stress and Anxiety for individuals

Such a large percentage of the population suffer with stress and anxiety.  You may feel as if you are treading on eggshells, chest tightness, afraid of judgement.  Some people are unable to even remember what it feels like to be calm and at ease.  Eventually it can lead to physical problems.  For some people their anxiety is very specific, for other’s it is more general.  Whatever your type is, it really doesn’t have to be this way.

Adults abused in childhood

Learning how to work, gently and discreetly, with adults who have been emotionally or physically abused during their childhood years has been one of the most rewarding successes of my therapy career.  It is incredible how far reaching the results are when the past memories are healed.  I have witnessed incredible improvements in several generations of families by just one member healing their past.  Closer happier relationships, here we come…


I run a variety of workshops throughout the year.  These include Vision Boards, Stress Relief and Tapping for self help.  Please enquire if there are any other topics you would like me to cover.  The workshops can be public or tailored specifically for you, your family and friends.

Hello! I’m Pam

Licensed Therapist

Based on the Isle of Man and working with clients from all over the world using Skype and Messenger.  When I started working with clients back in 2008, I never dreamed that I could be working globally.  Technology wasn’t that great then, at least compared to how it is now.  The techniques that I use are equally as effective when used remotely as they are face to face.  Whether we work together in person at my clinic or using the wonderful technology that is available, you will be able to see measurable results from the beginning to the end of each session and from session to session.

My Expertise

How your mind works

Your body responds to only two things. The pictures we see and the words that we hear.  This can be either actual pictures/words or those that we have created in our heads, the words we say to ourselves, in our imagination and even in our dreams.  You have probably spent a lifetime talking to yourself in a way that hasn’t been helpful to you.  Criticising yourself,  telling yourself you’re stupid, not good enough, not pretty enough, you can’t do it, you’re not deserving.  Sound familiar?  Yet, you might now be wondering why you feel as bad as you do.  Have so little confidence and low self-esteem?  Is it really any wonder when you have been hypnotising yourself this way for years?  What we need to do now is the polar opposite of this.  Start talking to yourself in a better way from today.

Parenting Support

Working with parents is incredibly powerful.  Parents often feel overwhelmed and that there is never enough time for themselves or their partners causing a strain on their entire families.  Learning coping skills and eliminating the emotional drivers behind the problems can help you feel more positive about family life on a daily basis, so that you can give more and enjoy your family for the short time you have together.

Working with Couples

At some point in every relationship there are challenges.  The people we are closest to are the ones that push our own buttons more than anyone else.  Whether you have children or not there was a very strong bond at the time you got together with your partner.  Although it would be unrealistic to suggest that you can get that original feelings back, it is possible to work on your own problems that are being reflected back to you in their behaviour.  You can choose the way you react.   You just need to learn how to do this.  In all cases you can improve the situation and even if you were to part eventually, it is healthier for everyone to part with love rather than in animosity.

Getting Started is Easy

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Perhaps you have questions or simply would like to check in with me to see whether I am the right person to help you. Why not schedule a brief telephone chat?

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For existing clients, or perhaps you’re just ready to get cracking and live a happier life.

1st Session!

Initial sessions usually last two hours. In two hours we can get SO much done and really kick start you towards your calmer, happier life.  A life that can be fun-filled and enjoyable.

My Approach

Your peace is my priority. I can promise my full support and undivided attention both during and outside of your sessions.  Additional work/tasks may be required between sessions in order to ensure you get maximum benefit from our work together.  We will work as a team in order for you to see lasting, beneficial change.

I work in a way that is gentle and empathetic.  I do not even need to know that much detail about your ‘problems’.

We can work on calming memories by you just providing ONE word or even a simple phrase.  The word/phrase doesn’t even need to mean anything to me as long as it means something to you.   This gives you even greater confidence that your story remains private and it is more gentle for you as you don’t need to go into specifics.

We will rate your session at the beginning and then again at the end, so that you can see you have made progress.

My relationship with my entire family has changed

“I never thought I would be able to feel this way about my dad again. Working with Pam has changed my relationship with my entire family. I can’t thank her enough.”

Emily – Isle of Man

No longer 'grumpy mum'

” I didn’t know how it would work by skype. I’m so glad I tried as it made it easy for me being a single mum after I’d put my girlies to bed. No travelling from the south to get to you. All my friends and family have noticed a huge difference in me and I feel so much calmer in myself. You guided me very gently and I felt very safe and comfortable with you. I never once felt judged, just accepted and cared for. How you managed to work with all of those memories without knowing much detail I don’t know, but I’m so glad you did as some were too terrifying to talk about. My girlies are really happy now. How can I ever thank you for this.Sharon – Isle of Man

I felt like a weight had been lifted from my history

“I have been fortunate to work with Pam as part of my own CPD as a Therapist. It is important for therapists to continually work on their own ‘stuff’ from time to time. Pam helped me to work on some very old issues surrounding the death of my mother when I was 11 (I was 49 at the time of the session). Pam has a wealth of experience using Energy Psychology related techniques. Her approach helped me resolve some deep rooted emotional aspects. Pam has a high level of empathy that puts you at ease, backed up with an intuitive nature that helps you get the results you need. Sometimes in areas you had not considered. I know that I moved a lot of emotion from the session as I felt like a weight had been lifted from my history after the session. My long term back pain also increased for a short while – proof that my issues had shifted energetically. I would not hesitate to call Pam again when have any emotional issues that need attention. I have worked with a number of practitioners in the past, Pam, without doubt is in the top 3 of these people. I highly recommend investing in your emotional well being and booking a session with Pam”

PC – Bournemouth

From fear of leaving the house to getting a great job

I have to tell you that ever since we started this process, I’ve felt my confidence growing fast and strong I wouldn’t have dream about getting a job like this and I like the fact that I am able to express my doubts, thoughts, suggestions and all fearlessly. This has also translated into my personal life too, I feel enthusiastic about going out of the house, in fact I almost feel the need of going out for a walk or ride my bike or to the shops. This has truly been a life changing process.

Anna – Isle of Man

8 years of abuse and years of traditional therapy - no change... 3 months working with you...

8 years of abuse. YEARS of traditional therapy – no change. 3 months working with you – Did all that happen to someone else???? If you think you will never get over what happened to you, try working with Pam. Highly recommended and kept my story private.

Jenna – Toronto

Frequently Asked Questions

A Client once said

“Good therapy returns you to the state of feeling ordinary misery instead of extraordinary misery”

Well I’d like to do better than that for you.

Congratulations on getting this far.

Common concerns and reasons why people don’t go for therapy even when they should


One client said to me ” I have been in therapy all of my life, the story is the same, only the names change.  How do I know you can help me? “

I work in a way that is measurable. At the beginning of the session we will establish outcomes and rate the topics we will be working on. At the end of the session we will use the same measure to test the results. You will definitely be able to see/feel/measure the differences from beginning to the end of a single session and also overall for groups of sessions.  We use the gradings at the end of the previous sessions to check up on your current state and as a starting point for the subsequent session.

I am afraid of reliving the Trauma/Having to face all the trauma and damage done

The way I work with you is very gentle and you don’t need to tell me very much at all about your problem. I work in a way that is mostly “no Content”. This means that it is amazing if you have ‘BIG STUFF’ to address and you may not necessarily want to go into detail if it is too scary to even contemplate talking about.  Some people find that they are simply unable to speak about their past experiences and problems.  They feel they have no way out and can’t get help because they can’t put their emotions into words.  Well I want to let you know now that IT DOESN’T MATTER, I can help you without all that information.  Yippee! at last you CAN get the help you need.


I once overheard someone say “Even when you’re told it’s confidential, you still wonder if you can trust them”.  This is why I offer a free telephone conversation so that we can both discover whether we are the right fit for each other. I also need to know very little about your experiences in order to be able to help you.


You can be assured of complete confidentiality and support at all times.  I am also totally committed to getting the VERY best help for you.  Should I feel that a different therapist has the skills/experience better suited to your needs I will offer you their contact details.


I am afraid of not being understood/not knowing what to say/of being pitied

I can promise that during a session with me, you will feel totally at ease, accepted and supported with strength, compassion and empathy.


In today’s busy world people often are unable to find time to attend therapy sessions.  I work with people all over the world on Skype/Messenger.  I also work predominantly in 2 hour sessions.

Working online means no travelling time.


Working ONLINE means that if the weather is bad we can still work.

Working ONLINE means if you are a single parent you can still get the help you need when your children are asleep.

Working ONLINE means you can get help when you’re in your comfy pyjamas, in your own home, drinking your own hot chocolate ?

Working ONLINE means that if you have any type of sickness we can still work.

Web based sessions work well even locally and are particularly suitable for those who find it difficult to travel/have children and struggle getting baby sitters. I have worked with clients in Australia, USA, France, Finland, Spain and UK.



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